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The Ocean Race: Team Holcim-PRB shatter 24-hour distance records as the three leaders post 600+ miles

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Team Holcim-PRB have smashed existing 24-hour distance records in a remarkable day at The Ocean Race. The Ocean Race record of 602 nautical miles, set by Team AkzoNobel in the last edition of the race, was first to be superseded by the French boat.

Ad A few hours later and the 618 nautical mile record, set by 100-footer Comanche in 2015, was eclipsed. The Ocean RaceDifficult start for Biotherm continues – Ocean Race Report19 HOURS AGO On Friday morning UK time, it was then confirmed that Team Holcim-PRB had crushed the IMOCA record, The Ocean Race’s record and the overall monohull record by achieving 640.91 nautical miles.

Team Holcim-PRB made the most of the conditions which were near perfect to make a record run. Skipper Kevin Escoffier had predicted earlier in the day they were capable of shattering the 24-hour records.

He said: “Yesterday, we caught up with a weather front. We passed in front of it and now we are following it on starboard tack, which gives us high speeds… “The sea is flat which is rather pleasant… If it goes on like this, we will break the 24-hour record again." The Ocean Race live tracker Team Malizia hold on to win Leg 5 in-port race despite late drama 11th Hour Racing Team benefitted first from the conditions and finished their run at 611 nautical miles to break the original Ocean Race record.

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