'What you really need to know if you think you have ADHD'

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Olivia Taylor always felt different to everyone else. She struggled concentrating at school and was only able to focus on subjects she was really interested in.

This problem continued into her adult life. At her lowest point, the 25-year-old was late for work every day, received regular parking fines and lived off her overdraft.

As Olivia’s life spun out of control, she realised she needed help – finally reaching out to doctors and getting a diagnosis of ADHD. READ MORE: "I always thought I was lazy and it was my own fault": What it's like being diagnosed with ADHD at 25 “ADHD can be a superpower, I can hyper-focus and get work done quickly and I’m very creative,” she said. “But on my down days I struggle to get going and balance even the simplest tasks. “I knew it was time to try and manage the way my brain works before things spiralled out of control.” Following her diagnosis, Olivia, from Lytham St.

Annes, Lancs, began taking regular morning walks before work in an attempt to kick-start her brain into being more productive.

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