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Want to spend your golden years in Europe? These are the countries with the best retirement visas

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Warm weather, no stress and a good standard of living are all any of us could want in our golden years.But relocating to another country takes some research and planning.

Especially as many visa options are aimed at working age people.That doesn’t mean there aren’t choices available for those looking to move abroad later in life, however.Here are some of the best European visa options for retirees ranked by how much income you’ll need to apply.Italy is a popular place for people to spend their golden years and there are visa options designed to help you do just that.The requirements for Italy’s Elective Residence Visa are a bit harder to meet than others so far on this list.

You’ll need a passive income of €31,000 a year minimum in order to apply. You can’t work while a resident in the country with this visa - not even remotely for a company overseas.An Elective Residence Visa is valid for one year and can be renewed for up to four years.

After you’ve been in the country for five years, you can apply for permanent residence.It is one of the most strictly regulated types of visas which means it is likely to take a minimum 3-6 months to process your application.Spain’s Non-Lucrative visa is an option for people who would like to retire to the country.Not quite as accessible as Portugal’s D7 visa, Spain requires you to have a monthly income of just over €2,150 or €25,816 a year.

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