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Should Rangers and Celtic join the Premier League and is Barry Robson ready for Aberdeen? Saturday Jury

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Fraser Wilson: Fair play to Levein for speaking his mind. His point wasn’t a dig at the big two. He reckons they would flourish down south and if some of their new found wealth could be sent back to help the more competitive Premiership grow as well then everyone’s a winner.

Fanciful? Probably. Scott Burns: Celtic and Rangers would love to play in England. They would do well south of the border but it would come at a cost to some English clubs, who would oppose any potential move.

The one thing I wouldn’t want to see are Rangers and Celtic leaving colt teams behind in our league. Michael Gannon: Not for me.

The Old Firm are part of the Scottish game and while other teams would win trophies in their absence, we’d be in danger of becoming another League of Ireland without them. Fraser Wilson: It’s all about finances these days.

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