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'My 6-year-old's comment caused big family issue – but I didn't correct her'

A woman admitted she decided not to rectify her young daughter's comment that ruffled feathers in her family.

The statement from her six-year-old towards a relative's child has created considerable controversy amongst her family members and left her feeling disheartened. Her mother's new partner's adopted daughter posed a simple question to her little girl, who answered "as innocently as a six year old would".

However, the response of the young girl was misconstrued and aggravated the woman's mother and her husband, causing their adopted daughter to feel hurt.

Taking to Mumsnet, the parent unbiased opinions about the exchange between their daughters. She shared: "Context - my mother married a man with an 'adoptive' daughter (not officially adopted but he has been her 'dad' since she was one so that's that) and she has two children with a man who is in prison [...] I don't see her kids regularly, as they live 4-5 hours away and probably see them once or twice a year."

Last weekend, she recalled: "It was nice weather" leading them to host a barbecue. Her mother brought along her grandchildrenthe product of the first meeting at her placeas it coincided with her babysitting day.

During the BBQ, a conversation occurred between the four year old child of her mother and her six year old. When asked by the younger kid: "Why do you live with both your mummy and daddy? " Her daughter cheerfully answered: "mummies and daddies have babies when they love each other and we live together here".

The exasperated mother went on to say: "This has now caused an issue because apparently my daughter implied to the 4 year old that her mummy and daddy don't love each other - which to be honest I laughed at when confronted about as it's so