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Mum with excruciating condition where her blood can flow BACKWARDS told next free NHS appointment is in 2024

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A single mum whose blood sometimes flows “backwards” has been left in excruciating pain and living “penny to penny” – but the next available appointment for her suspected condition is not until 2024.

Lolita Vaciete, 33, called the NHS in tears and begged them to expedite her treatment but was told she would have to wait a year before she could see a blood specialist about her condition.

A CT scan revealed she is likely to have pelvic congestion syndrome which makes everyday tasks like taking her eight-year-old son Jakob to school a logistical nightmare and means she runs the risk of passing out while on her period.

While waiting for her appointment, Lolita, who has worked as a gourmet chef for 15 years, has been prescribed “strong painkillers” to help cope with the agony, which she describes as like being “cut with a knife”.

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