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How do you feel about the Bee Network plans?

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Yesterday saw Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham reveal plans for the revamped bus system on the Bee Network. The yellow colour and design of the new electric buses were revealed, along with plans for a cap on weekly fares and improved policing on buses across the city.

In light of this latest announcement, we want to know what your thoughts are on the latest round of plans put forward to improve Manchester's bus network. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. The plans will see buses come under public control with a franchising system, with transport commissioner Vernon Everitt saying there has been 'huge interest' from bus operators so far following 33 bids for 11 available contracts.

Some readers have already reacted to the news, with one person backing the plans for better policing saying: "What they need is at least one policeman or even a PCSO on every tram.

So much antisocial behaviour." Others shared support of the plans, with another reader adding: "Give the lad [Burnham] a chance.

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