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Fryday backs Ireland's switch from white to navy shorts for TikTok Women's Six Nations

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Ireland Captain Nichola Fryday hopes her side's decision to swap their traditional white shorts for a navy alternative can ease player anxieties about periods ahead of the 2023 TikTok Women's Six Nations.

The move has been made following feedback from players about competing in white rugby kit during their period. Ad Ireland are the first Home Nation to move away from white shorts and will take to the field for their TikTok Women's Six Nations opener against Wales at Cardiff Arms Park in green and navy.

RugbyTurani hopes time in England can give Italy cutting edge in TikTok Women's Six Nations2 HOURS AGO «If something as simple as changing the colour of your shorts eases that anxiety or that concern for a girl then it is a change that should be welcomed, and it is really positive,» she said. «I think for female athletes if you are wearing white shorts, it is a concern that you can have and I think you should not have to worry about having your period when you are playing a match for your country or for your club. »There have been surveys done about girls dropping off because of it being a concern and if this encourages young girls to continue playing rugby or any sport where you have to wear shorts then that will be a good thing. «The menstrual cycle is a huge part of a female's performance; our strength and conditioning and our nutrition teams are really clued into those sorts of things. »There is loads of data about how your performance can dip at different points in your cycle, and I think that for us as athletes, we need to understand when we are at our peak to perform or when the cycle may make us feel a bit off." Six Nations Rugby, the official organising body responsible for the TikTok Women's Six Nations, broke.

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