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European parliaments are recognising Ukraine's Soviet-era Holodomor famine as genocide. Why now?

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Slovenia, France, Belgium and the UK are just some European countries whose parliaments have declared the Holodomor - a devastating 20th-century famine in Ukraine - a genocide.Jani Prednik, a member of the Social Democrat party of Slovenia and one of the initiators of the resolution in the country's parliament, described the Holodomor as “one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes and crimes against humanity of the 20th century.”Pauline Latham, the Conservative MP who tabled the motion in the UK, said the Ukrainian famine in the early 1930s was caused by the forced confiscation of peasants' crops by the Soviets.She also drew parallels with current events, where Russia seizes Ukrainian grain on occupied Ukrainian soil.“That's why we have to assure the Ukrainian authorities and international order that the United Kingdom – at least the UK Parliament – will not turn a blind eye to war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Latham said.Crimes of the Soviet Union specifically targeting Ukrainians have gained an increased interest ever since Russia's full-scale invasion of the country in February 2022.As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to deny ethnic Ukrainians a separate identity from Russia, scholars, journalists and politicians across the continent are beginning to consider whether previous moments in history where Ukrainians were targeted should be given more consideration.This year marks the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor.However, legal experts worry that having parliaments declare something a genocide does not carry as much weight as when a court does it.“Any parliament is free to, within the spirit of debate and deliberation, come up with any conclusions and statements that it wants to,” explained Iva

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