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A short history of other GAA debacles and how they were handled

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Analysis: the focus may be on Glen and Kilmacud Crokes right now, but here are 7 other times the GAA rule book caused a stirDebacles over decisions by GAA officials are inevitable given the fine margins in games.

They range from the ethically dubious to the relatively trivial and downright ridiculous, but are united by their capacity to garner media coverage and outrage from supporters.

Here are some debacles from GAA history which have caused quite a stir.In the early years of the GAA, Gaelic games were mainly local events with considerable variation to how the sport was played in different pockets of the country.

This resulted in many games being abandoned due to opposing teams playing under different rules and unable, or unwilling, to adjust their play in accordance with the play of their opponents.When Cork's Aghabullogue and Wexford’s Castlebridge contested one of the first All-Ireland hurling finals in 1890, Castlebridge’s 'undue roughness’ led to Aghabullogue captain Dan Lane, in agreement with the referee, withdrawing his team.

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