To build inclusive classrooms, let young people with intellectual disabilities take the lead

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These last few years have taught us a lot about isolation and separation. Millions of us have felt the pain of bereavement, the loneliness of quarantine, the sad irritation of working and learning remotely.

Sharing meals and celebrations in person is so much sweeter now. We savor the joy when we include others — and when others include us.We understand better now that social inclusion is a basic human need that can only be met by lowering the barriers that isolate and divide us.So let's start.

Jan. 24 is the International Day of Education, when the world highlights the greatest known instrument for social inclusion — a good education, which can put any child on a path to a fulfilling life.

What better way to mark the day than to begin widening the circle of inclusion to benefit one of the most marginalized populations in the world — people with intellectual disabilities.Children with intellectual disabilities routinely encounter ostracism and bullying.

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