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Looking for a cheap summer holiday? Here’s our pick of the 9 best places in Portugal

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If you're on a budget and looking for a sunny getaway that's not too far away, Portugal may be the one for you. Though it may not be mighty in size, with a mainland land-mass of just 88km2, Portugal offers an intoxicating mix of stunning beaches, beautiful architecture and incredible food.

Not to mention a number of paradise islands. It also boasts around 300 days of sunshine per year. So if you're looking to book a trip and want something a little different from Portugal's classic Algarve, here are a few of our recommendations. The Azores are a collection of nine Portuguese islands located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean.

They're around a four to five hour flight from western Europe. Split into three groups, the islands are home to a wealth of biodiversity and numerous volcanic cones and craters.

They have been hailed an ‘eco-tourism’ paradise and are home to numerous historical buildings, including 15th century churches and manor houses.The easiest island to fly to is Sao Miguel, but the best island to escape the busy tourist hotspots is Corvo.

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