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Golden State Warriors veteran forward Andre Iguodala returning for 19th NBA season

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Andre Iguodala will return to play his 19th season in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors, the veteran announced on his «Point Forward» podcast Friday morning.

His return fill's the team's 14th roster spot heading into training camp. According to Iguodala, this will be his final season. «I'm going to blame a few people,» Iguodala joked about his decision. «Steph Curry is one person I am going to blame.

But as a group, I am blaming Steph, Draymond [Green] and Klay [Thompson]. Steve [Kerr] a little bit, Bob Myers, I think they just showed me a lot of love.

They helped me see my presence outside of physically playing basketball, but also, I think Steve was a big culprit of, 'We really need you on the court.' Draymond was big on that as well.» The Warriors had held Iguodala's roster spot for him all offseason, trying not to put pressure on him to make to a decision.

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