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Why Premier League trio are in this mess and what relegation could do

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Why are they in this mess? Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s billionaire owner, has made a succession of erratic and ill-judged decisions since buying into the club seven years ago, starting with retaining members of a board that had failed to keep pace with its competitors.

Everton’s descent has since accelerated with dreadful recruitment, mismanagement and incoherent strategy hallmarks of the Moshiri era.

The owner’s generosity cannot be faulted – about £700m has been spent on transfers and the interminable stadium problem has almost been resolved, with an impressive new home under construction at Bramley Moore dock – but he has spent without a plan or patience.

Sean Dyche is Everton’s eighth permanent manager in seven years, there have been three directors of football and huge financial losses have inevitably caught up with them.

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