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Monaco Grand Prix "likely to be renewed" again as Prince Albert II weighs in on deal

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Monaco's top motor racing chief declared the most famous race in Formula 1 is "likely to be renewed" again after its immediate future was secured this week.

The Monaco Grand Prix has, for the first time, been in genuine danger of being axed from the annual F1 schedule. For all its history and past glamour, there has been a feeling in recent years that the gathering in Monte Carlo is no longer the spectacle it once was.

The narrow and tight street track is considered by many to be unsuitable for modern F1 cars, which are longer and wider than ever before.

As a result, races tend to be more of a procession with very few chances for overtaking. But despite all the speculation, it was confirmed along with the provisional 2023 race calendar that Monaco's place on the schedule is safe for now.

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