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Massimo Cellino's Leeds mad house! The Italian owner once rejected chance to sign Virgil van Dijk

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Graham Bean was the FA’s ‘sleazebuster’ but also worked with a number of clubs in English football, most memorably at Leeds where he worked closely with the club’s controversial former owner…  Massimo Cellino’s reputation preceded him when he bought Leeds United.

The controversial Italian businessman was known as the ‘Manager Eater’ in his homeland after going through more bosses in his 22 years at Cagliari than he’d had pepperoni pizzas, and it felt like he revelled in the notoriety.

I found myself parachuted into the eye of the storm inside Elland Road. Cellino had no experience of the English game and had already sacked the CEO and head of football administration within weeks of seizing control of the club.

In effect, the club was rudderless. Staff morale was the lowest I’d ever seen during my career. They didn’t like Cellino — and certainly didn’t trust him.

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