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Jurgen Klopp explains difference between Liverpool and Chelsea rebuilds

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Jurgen Klopp says he signed a new contract with Liverpool because he wants to build a new team, but said people have to accept it can’t happen “overnight”, thanks to an inability to spend like Chelsea.

Klopp stressed that the club has to think “long term” as he also said he didn’t like how the concept of “loyalty” was questioned, as it is what can help "big things grow".

The 55-year-old meanwhile added that he doesn’t see himself as managing into his seventies like many of his famous counterparts, and that his wife, Ulla, has been crucial in stopping the game from completely consuming him.In an enlightening interview for BT Sport podcast Mike Calvin’s Football People, where Klopp also reflected on the role of the manager amid the growth of analytics, the Liverpool boss was most strident on the development of the team amid poor form.He was asked how difficult it is to develop a new side, while there was also a mild question about Chelsea."I’m not saying it’s the biggest challenge, but it’s a challenge, and it was one of the main reasons why I signed a new contract because I knew it’s necessary,” explained Klopp. “It will not go overnight, and imagine the situation now with another coach in the chair.

I would be somewhere on holiday and everybody would shout my name ‘with him it would not have happened!’ I’m obviously not a miracle worker.

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