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England's gay fans advised to steer clear of the World Cup in Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal

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England’s gay fan groups have been advised to stay away from the World Cup by locals in Qatar despite claims from FIFA and the organising committee that it will be safe for them to visit.

The FA said this week they had received assurances that gay supporters who hold hands or wave a rainbow flag will not be prosecuted as the Qatari government will bring in legislation to permit previously outlawed behaviours for the duration of the tournament, but they are still seeking details about how the laws will be enforced in practice.

Gay fans remain concerned however, particularly after holding talks with members of the undercover gay community in Qatar, who have told them to stay at home.

The undercover gay community in Qatar has urged England's LGBTQ supporters not to come The message coming out of Qatar is considerably different from that which emanated from Russia before the previous World Cup four years ago, when gay fans were encouraged to travel to the country in the hope of driving social change.

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