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England and Wales’ Inadequate Symbol of Tolerance will make little impact in Qatar

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And you shall know us by the trail of rainbow love hearts. It is time to consider in detail the Inadequate Symbol Of Tolerance adopted this week by the English and Welsh FAs; a symbol of tolerance that will be worn during the World Cup in Qatar, where homosexuality is punishable by torture and death.

And yes, that really does sound like one sweet, sweet symbol of tolerance. But could we have gone further? Should the FAs have insisted on a slightly more urgent Inadequate Symbol Of Tolerance?

Should it have a bolder font, for example? Perhaps the Generic Statement Of Concern, released alongside the Inadequate Symbol Of Tolerance, could have a more disapproving tone.

Bottom line: is the Symbol Of Tolerance getting “cut-through”? What are the eyeballs on this thing? Could the Inadequate Symbol Of Tolerance, hear me out, actually be genius?

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