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Dillian Whyte: ‘I was disappointed to lose to Tyson Fury, but if I lost 10 quid I’d be disappointed’

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"Listen, I'm a nobody," Dillian Whyte says, in one of his first interviews since fighting Tyson Fury for the world heavyweight title in front of a record 94,000 people at London's Wembley Stadium.The thing is, despite the irony, you get the sense he really means it."I've far surpassed what I should've done in life already," Whyte says from across a long, ornate table, somewhere in the downstairs maze of a suave Soho hotel. "I still want to achieve more, I'm still hungry, but after a while it becomes more about the people around you than yourself, because...

I'm a nobody."Whyte is no nobody. The Briton, 34, is one of the most formidable heavyweights of his generation – a berserker who has battled them all and beaten the vast majority.

Those in-ring battles almost seem trivial after the war Whyte waged to simply survive in Port Antonio, Jamaica, where he was "dodging bullets" before moving to Brixton and having his first child as a young teenager.But on an April evening this spring, Whyte was again dodging incoming fire, and there was nothing trivial to him about the moment he finally got caught – a Fury uppercut scything through the London air and his opponent's guard to put Whyte to sleep yet wake him from his dream."These guys put a lot into me and believe in me, fight life-and-death battles for me," Whyte says of his team. "It was heartbreaking for them.

I know for me to win a world title would have changed my life, but for them it would have been something so special."Of course I was disappointed; if I lost 10 quid I'd be disappointed! 'S***, dumb f***, you lost 10 quid!' That's the kind of person I am, but I was disappointed for my team more than me, because of what they went through to get me that title fight.

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