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AFL and Fifa must rethink concussion rules amid Paul McCrory plagiarism claims, says expert

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A leading international concussion expert has said “anything Paul McCrory has touched” must be reviewed in the wake of plagiarism allegations against the Australian-based neurologist who has advised global sporting bodies on the effects of concussion.

American neuroscientist and chief executive of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, Dr Chris Nowinski, said the advice that McCrory gave to some sporting bodies that participants of collision-based sports are not necessarily at risk of developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy was damaging and wrong.

He accused McCrory of “sowing doubt” about the link between head impacts in sport and CTE in a way that has substantially damaged efforts to prevent another generation from developing the brain disease.

McCrory resigned as chair of the Concussion in Sport Group in March amid earlier allegations of plagiarism in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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